Invaluable Risk Management, Loss Control, & Safety Compliance

As a leading provider of risk management, safety, compliance, and loss control, Hudson Valley Safety Associates, LLC, takes great pride in offering the best safety compliance training. With more than 15 years in safety and risk management, we are here to keep your business in compliance and best in its class.

Taking the Guesswork out of Compliance

Taking a proactive approach is much more affordable than being reactive, especially in safety and health. Lack of training is the number-one reason why injuries, fatalities, fines, violations and lawsuits happen. Training your employees is a small investment that will pay you back tenfold.

Not only is there far too much to know about OSHA, PESH and the DOT safety compliance, but there's also information out there that is just plain wrong. Do not set yourself back any further with trying to interpret the standards. Leave it to our experts to be your company's Safety and Health director at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house employee to do the same job.

Safety Equipment

Always Stay Compliant
Standards and regulations change all the time, and your company needs to keep up. With ever-changing training, written policies, procedures, and programs, companies aren't aware of knowing what to do to keep up with safety and health regulations.

Safety Plan
Not knowing about a regulation is not a defense when it comes to accidents and violations. Make sure your business is set up with a comprehensive safety plan that will not only keep your employees safe and your business in compliance, but will also increase your bottom line. You will see injuries decrease and morale increase.

To ensure complete satisfaction of your needs, we are also there for you on the reactive side of safety. We will assist you with prepping for your DOT new entry audit, assisting your business with an OSHA or PESH inspection, correcting violations after an inspection, filing for a variance, and grieving a penalty.

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